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Where the money goes

Our purpose is to reduce the impact of cancer on all Canadians.

To do so, we develop and operate programs such as the Chit Chat program, where trained volunteers provide direct psychosocial support to cancer patients.

We also organize a variety of events and campaigns, such as our annual World Cancer Day event and Ribbon Campaign, to raise funds and awareness for cancer prevention.

Other events include the annual Teddy Bear Clinic, where we assemble gift bags for every hospitalized patient at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

We have ambitious plans to expand our reach and multiply our impact, and with you by our side, we're convinced that we can make a true difference in the lives of cancer patients across Canada.

How it is managed

One of Coda's fundamental values is transparency.

To ensure that donors' funds are exclusively used to further our purpose either directly or indirectly, we've set up a finance department with multiple layers of verification so no discrepancy goes unnoticed. Every department member receives comprehensive training to perform their specific tasks.

We've also created a strict financial policy that all of our members must abide to. Any and all breaches of this policy, including misappropriation and loss of donors' funds, will result in immediate expulsion and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

As a non-profit, we aim to lead by example and thoroughly review and record all transactions. Visit our transparency page for an overview of Coda's expenses, proceeds and donations.

Who we are

Refer to our about page for more info!

In short, Coda started off as a student association at Marianopolis College in 2019, in honor of a founding member's loved one being lost to cancer.

In late 2021, Coda was relaunched by a group of McGill medical students as a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for cancer patients throughout Canada. Since the relaunch, Coda has raised upwards of $60,000, through a wide variety of events held across its 12 affiliated academic institutions.

Coda is now composed of a team of over 100 dedicated students, who work tirelessly to ensure that our donors' well-trusted money significantly improves the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Thank you for trusting us and making all of this possible,